Get a car loan after a divorce at The Credit Repairman near Concord 63128

After a divorce, the rules change. For better or worse you are now two individuals instead of one couple and your credit is going to reflect that in some way. For some, that can mean more difficulty getting a car loan after divorce -- especially one with a decent interest rate. In most cases, money is tight enough as it is, and the last thing you need is to be charged extra for everything. Near Concord 63128 it's good to know you have the option of The Credit Repairman for your car loan.

The process for getting a car loan after divorce begins with filling out a quick and easy online application that will give an answer in a matter of minutes. The questions asked are basic ones about rent/mortgage obligations, the type of vehicle desired, and the income of those who are taking responsibility for the loan. It isn't necessary to gather information about other bills or financial obligations. From there, our lender partners will select an interest rate for you. Newer vehicles qualify for lower interest rate than older ones, giving car buyers the opportunity to buy a safe vehicle for their families.

At The Credit Repairman near Concord 63128, our Finance Department doesn't work exclusively with people who have credit issues. We also work with people who have good credit, fair credit, situational bad credit/slow pay, bad credit or no credit, and really bad credit. People in the divorce process can find themselves in situational bad credit. In most cases, the end of a marriage puts a person in the middle of the pack, where they can still obtain a reasonable interest rate. Even those who struggle a bit more with their credit are often able to obtain a car loan after divorce.

However a person's credit is assessed, we offer full transparency. Borrowers near the Concord 63128 area have been able to get loans with The Credit Repairman without surprise fees or sudden interest rate hikes. Online calculators allow people to calculate what their payment would be depending on interest rate, the price of the car, down payment, and length of the lease. Before each loan is finalized, the The Credit Repairman Finance Department explains exactly how much of each payment is being applied to the loan principle and how much is paying interest.

Loan periods can be extended up to 72 months, but ultimately it is up to the buyer to decide how long they want to take to pay off the loan. In many cases a person's financial situation can improve as time goes by and they will want to pay their car loan off sooner. The Credit Repairman near Concord 63128 makes it easy to take advantage of paying a car off sooner when things get better. Our Finance Department at The Credit Repairman near Concord 63128 can show you just how much less interest is paid overall when extra payments are made on the car loan.

Contact us today to get a fresh new start on a car loan after divorce at The Credit Repairman near Concord 63128 , or start by filling out our secure pre-approval finance application online.

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